1. Identifying the Customs Tariff Numbers.

2. Having memberships registered in the respective exporter associations according to the types of the export goods.

3. Obtaining the preliminary permission and special certificates (health certificate, control certificate, ATR-EURO, certificate of country of origin) from the concerned authorities in accordance with the procedures and principles set forth in the export policy and export regulations (and having such certificates legalized by relevant consulates depending on the requirement of the importer countries).

4. Issuing the customs exit declaration after completion of all documents, having it accepted and registered by the relevant customs house, having the export goods inspected and identified.

5. Delivering the documents to be sent in accompany of the goods as requested by the customer to the forwarder.

6. Closing the declaration after the goods left the country and the customs confirmation is received by the exit customs house.

7. Delivering the exporter's copy of the closed customs declaration to the customer.

8. Performing the temporary export formalities and ensuring the entrance of the returned goods into the country within the specified time.

9. If requested, having the exported goods returned to the country and performing the other formalities not stated above, for completion of export formalities.

10. We are able to complete the export formalities in one day.